Esprala fruit drink

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to deliver delightful products.

At Esprala, we believe there should be no compromising on taste when it comes to ‘healthier’ reduced sugar soft drinks.

Poorly selected ingredients and the addition of vitamins have an impact on flavour.

We instead bring you a delightful balance of taste and wellness using a limited number of carefully selected ingredients.

A drink that’s thirst quenching, tastes fresh and fruity and makes you feel absolutely fabulous.

Low calorie Esprala drink

Where it all began

It started way back in the kitchen (yep!, that old chestnut).

‘Reduced Sugar’ versions of once favoured soft drinks just didn’t give us the same enjoyment.

So we decided to create one of our own.

Our goal was to create a low calorie, lightly sparkling soft drink that was  deliciously fruity and refreshingly tasty.

And so started a fruitful journey of discovery.

After months of researching ingredients and flavour combinations, followed by endless tasting sessions…
ESPRALA was born


Low calorie fruit drinks - refreshingly good on their own and tastebud tantalising as a mixer!


On all 12 & 24 packs. Use code: GET25